Burnley Football Club: History, Achievements and Rivalries

Sports FansFootball Burnley Football Club: History, Achievements and Rivalries
Burnley Football Club

boiniznamena – Burnley Football Club is one of the oldest and most historic football clubs in England. The club was founded in 1882 by members of the Burnley Rovers rugby team, who chose to switch to football.  The club is based at Turf Moor, a stadium that has been their home since 1883.

The club’s colors are burgundy and blue, which were adopted before the 1910-1911 season as a tribute to Aston Villa, the Premier League champions at the time.  This club is also known by the nickname “the Clarets” because of the burgundy color that dominates their uniforms.

History Burnley Football Club

Burnley was one of the founders of the Premier League in 1888-1889, and was one of the country’s first professional clubs.  The club won their first league title in the 1920–1921 season, after going unbeaten in 30 consecutive league matches. The club also won their first FA Cup in the 1913-1914 season, after beating Liverpool in the final.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Burnley became one of the top clubs in England, under the leadership of Bob Lord, a businessman who became chairman of the club.  The club won their second league title in the 1959–1960 season, beating Wolverhampton Wanderers in the final game.

The club also reached the FA Cup final twice, in 1947 and 1962, but lost to Charlton Athletic and Tottenham Hotspur.  In addition, the club also won the FA Cup Charity Shield twice, in 1960 and 1973.

Burnley is also known as one of the clubs that has a good youth policy and talent scouting system, and was one of the first clubs to have a special training ground. Some famous players who came through the club’s academy include Jimmy McIlroy, Jimmy Adamson, Martin Dobson, Leighton James and Brian Flynn.

Performance Burnley Football Club

Burnley is one of five clubs to have won all four divisions of professional English football, along with Wolverhampton Wanderers, Preston North End, Sheffield United and Portsmouth. This club has also played in European competitions three times, namely in 1961, 1967 and 2018.

This club’s latest achievement is promotion to the Premier League in the 2023-2024 season, after becoming champions of the Championship League. The following is a complete list of Burnley’s achievements in domestic and European competitions:


  1. English League / Premier League: Champions (2): 1920–21, 1959–60; Runners-up (2): 1919–20, 1961–62
  2. Championship League / Division One: Champions (3): 1897–98, 1972–73, 2023–24; Runners-up (1st): 2013–14; Play-off winners (2): 2008–09, 2015–16
  3. League One / Division Two: Champions (2): 1981–82, 1999–2000; Runners-up (1st): 1979–80
  4. League Two / Division Three: Champions (1): 1991–92
  5. FA Cup: Champions (1): 1913–14; Runners-up (2): 1946–47, 1961–62
  6. FA Cup Charity Shield: Champions (2): 1960 (joint), 1973; Runner-up (1): 1921
  7. League Cup: Semi-finalists (2): 1960–61, 2008–09
  8. UEFA Cup / Europa League: Quarter-finals (1): 1960–61; Group stage (1): 2018–19; Qualifying rounds (1): 1966–67

Rivalry Burnley Football Club

Burnley has its biggest rivalry with Blackburn Rovers, a club based in the neighboring city of Blackburn. The match between these two clubs is known as the East Lancashire Derby, or also the Blackburn-Burnley Derby, or also the Cotton Mills Derby.

This rivalry began in 1888, when the two clubs met for the first time in the Premier League. ¹Since then, the two clubs have met 101 times in all competitions, with Burnley winning 41, Blackburn winning 33 and drawing 27 times. The last meeting between the two clubs took place in the 2022-2023 season in the Championship League, with Burnley winning 2-1 at home and 1-0 away.

Apart from Blackburn, Burnley also has rivalries with several other clubs, such as Preston North End, Bolton Wanderers, Rochdale, Blackpool and Leeds United. However, this rivalry is not as intense as with Blackburn, and is rarely due to divisional differences or geographical distance.


Burnley Football Club is a football club that has a long history and impressive achievements in English football. The club has won two league titles, one FA Cup and two FA Charity Shields, as well as participating in European competitions.

The club also has a strong tradition of developing young players and playing with passion and determination. The club has a fierce rivalry with Blackburn Rovers, which is one of the hottest derbies in England. Burnley currently plays in the Premier League, following promotion from the Championship League in the 2023-2024 season.