Fantasy Football Premier League: What is it and How to Play?

Sports FansFootball Fantasy Football Premier League: What is it and How to Play?
Fantasy Football Premier League

boiniznamena – Fantasy Football Premier League (FPL) is a free online game that lets you become the manager of your dream football team in the English Premier League. You can choose players from Premier League clubs, set formations and strategies, and compete with millions of other managers around the world. FPL is a fun and challenging way to keep up with the Premier League and show off your football knowledge and skills.

How to Register and Create an FPL Team

To play FPL, you need to register on the official FPL website or download the FPL app on your phone. You can use your email, Facebook, or Google account to register. After signing up, you can create your team with a budget of £100 million.

You can choose 15 players, consisting of 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 attackers. You have to choose one captain and one vice-captain, who will get double points every week. You must also select four reserve players, who will replace your main players if they do not play.

You can change your team as many times as you want before the first week starts on Friday, August 5, 2023. After that, you can only make one free transfer each week. If you wish to make more than one transfer, you must pay a 4 point fee for each additional transfer. You can also use one of the four available chips to give your team a temporary advantage. These chips are:

  • Wildcard – Change your entire team at no cost (twice a season)
  • Triple Captain – Get three times the points of your captain
  • Bench Boost – Earn points from all your players, including reserves
  • Free Hit – Change your team for one week only, without affecting your transfer

How to Get Points and Win in FPL

FPL points are awarded based on your players’ performance in Premier League matches. Players can earn points for things like scoring goals, providing assists, keeping clean sheets, or making saves. Players can also lose points for things like getting a card, committing an own goal, or conceding a goal. You can see a complete list of point awarding rules on the FPL website.

You can track your points and your ranking on the FPL website or FPL app. You can view your points in real time as the game progresses, or wait until the final points are announced after all the games have finished.

You can compete against other managers in global, regional or national leagues. You can also create or join private leagues with your friends. You can choose to play in classic leagues, where total points determine the ranking, or head-to-head leagues, where you duel against other managers every week, earning three points for a win and one point for a draw.

FPL offers various prizes for the best managers in each week, month or season. These prizes can be in the form of cash, vouchers, merchandise or match tickets. You can view the full list of prizes and their terms and conditions on the FPL website.

Tips and Tricks for Playing FPL

Playing FPL requires good knowledge, skills and strategies about football. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you increase your chances of winning at FPL:

– Do your research before choosing your team

You can use various sources of information, such as news, statistics, podcasts or blogs, to find out which players are in good condition, injured or suspended. You can also see which players are most popular or least selected by other managers, to gain a competitive edge.

– Match your team to the match schedule

You have to pay attention to when and who your team will play, and whether they have a great chance of getting points. You should avoid players who have difficult schedules, are at risk of not playing, or are potentially taking a break. You also have to utilize your chips at the right time, for example when there is a double week or a blank week.

– Follow the latest developments and make informed decisions

You should always monitor news and rumors regarding your team and players, and be ready to make changes if necessary. You should make your transfer decisions based on facts and logic, not emotion or intuition. You also have to be careful with the transfer deadline, which is usually one hour before the first match starts each week.

– Enjoy the game and have fun

FPL is a game that is meant to entertain and challenge you, not to stress or frustrate you. You should enjoy the process of building and managing your team, and not worry too much about the results. You must also be respectful and sportsmanlike towards other managers, and not do anything unethical or fraudulent.

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